Frequent Questions

Can you always handle “same day” orders for the time I request?

Yes, but if our schedule is very heavy we might have to move your order to a later time then what you requested.

(That’s why it’s a good idea to give us an alternate number when you order.)  A cell phone number is good!

Can I get a copy of my singing telegram song after you sing it “live” on the phone?

Yes.  We always send you an e-mail after we “send” your telegram and it contains a link to a CD or mp3 order-form.

When I use the PayPal form to pay, it “times out” and tells me to enter my credit card information again or it won’t accept it!  What should I do?

This might be due to one of 2 reasons.  One is, that your browser is not set to accept “cookies” from the PayPal website.  Please click “tools” on your explorer page and adjust your security level to accept “cookies”.  Also, it could be that you used PayPal before and now they want you to use the same password as you did before.  (If you forgot your password, just go to and look for the words “forgot your password?”  (They will e-mail it to you).

Do your telegrams use any musical accompaniment?

Yes, all of our singing telegrams feature a vocalist with great musical backgrounds.

How many times do you try to reach the recipient when you make your  “Singing Phonegram” calls?

Depending on how busy our schedule is, we usually try several times before we leave a message asking the recipient to call us back at our toll-free number.  If we don’t hear from them, we leave it on their voice mail. (Some people prefer this as it gives the recipient a chance to hear it again!) 

Can we choose the song or the style of music when we order a Singing Telegram?

Our songs are all original but you can select from a wide variety of musical styles when you order.

Is using my credit card safe when I order a Singing Telegram from your website?

Yes, very safe.  The two companies that collect our payments, or PayPal are the largest and most secure in the industry with millions of users worldwide.  When you order, you give them your credit card information and they pay us. We never see your credit card information and your order is processed by computer systems encrypted to the same or higher levels than your bank. 

How long are your mp3s and “Singing E-mails” accessible after you send them to people?

We upload all “Singing E-mails” and mp3s to our website and keep them there for one week from the date that we send it.

What if I want to save the mp3 and I right-click on the song link (as per your instructions) and the words “save as” are grayed out and I cannot click on them?

The Microsoft Knowledge Base reveals that the option to “save target as” is grayed out and not available if you have the Content Advisor enabled in Internet Explorer.  Normally, if you right click on a link you can choose to save or print the file. But with the Content Advisor turned on, these options are not available to you because it would bypass the Content Advisor.  So go to Tools->Internet Options->Content

How do you send a singing telegram by email and how does someone hear it?

After we write the song, we upload it to our website and send the recipient a link to their song in an e-mail.  They just click on this link and their singing telegram starts to play. (We send it in mp3 format.)

Can you send one of your singing telegrams at any hour of the day or night?

We could, but we prefer to not frighten people by waking them up in the middle of the night, so we deliver our “Phonegrams” during regular daytime hours!  (Usually 9 AM to 11 pm!) However, we sometimes send our “Singing E-mails” at other hours but the recipient can always listen to it whenever they access their e-mail!)

How do I know that the recipient has received the telegram if I don’t get a copy too?

We always send an e-mail confirmation to the sender after we deliver a singing telegram! 

Will you put any words I give you into the song or narration?

Anything we feel is in poor taste will not be included in a song.