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Singing E-mail

Singing E-mail
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Order a "Singing-E-mail" and we'll send one of our personalized-Song-Grams to anyone, anywhere by e-mail! 

They'll be able to enjoy it on their computer, smart-phone or any portable device that can receive an e-mail.

Our "Singing-E-mails" feature a vocalist, a great musical backing and custom lyrics that fit the occasion perfectly, and we'll also send a copy to you!

Just choose one of our musical styles, give us a little info about who it's going to, tell us when to send it and leave the rest to us.  

To hear samples of our musical styles, please click here!

Personalize and Purchase

When should we send this "Singing E-mail"? (month and date)
Who is this "Singing E-mail" going to? (first and last name)
Are they male or female or a couple?
What is their e-mail address?
What is your e-mail address?
What is your phone number? (include area code)
What's the occasion? (If not for a special occasion just tell us what the song is for!)
Where does recipient live? (city & state)
What is your full name?
I am the recipient's (relationship)?
Are you male or female?
For Anniversary greetings only, how long has this couple been together?
If this is for a birthday, how old will they be? (If you don't know or you don't want it mentioned, just leave it out!)
What style of music would you prefer? (YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY STYLE FOR ANY GREETING YOU WANT TO SEND)
Optional: Spoken message or funny things you want narrated during the song. (25 words max)