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Max the Mouse Mousegram

Max the Mouse Mousegram
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Order a “Max the Mouse Mousegram" and he'll sing a personalized song to anyone in the USA or Canada. The music will be in the style of a "Disney-March" and his high tenor voice will amaze the recipient. He'll try to sing it "live" before he leaves it on voice-mail and he’ll also make sure that the right person is on the phone before he starts singing!  (He's very smart!)

To hear samples of Max's incredible voice click here.

IMPORTANT: After Max's "Phonegram", we'll send you an e-mail with which you'll be able to order an mp3 or CD of his performance!

Personalize and Purchase

When should we make this "Phonegram" call? (month and date)
Choose the best local time to call
What time zone will they be in when we call?
Where do they live? (city and state)
Who is this "Phonegram" going to? (First and Last name)
What's the best number to reach them at? (include area code)
If the number above is not their cell number, please add it here!
What's the occasion? (If not for a special occasion just tell us what the song is for!)
Are they male, female or a couple?
I am the recipient's (relationship)?
What is your e-mail address?
What is your full name?
What is your phone number? (include area code)
For Anniversary greetings only, how long has this couple been together?
If this is for a birthday, how old will they be? (If you don't know or you don't want it mentioned, just leave it out!)
Optional: Spoken message or funny things you want narrated during the song. (25 words max)