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Order your "Singing-Phonegram" as an MP3 or on a CD

Use this page to order MP3s or CDs of Singing-Telegrams that we’ve already done for you. (PLEASE NOTE that you may only order songs that we sent within the last 10 days.)

Order MP3s of your "Singing-Phonegram" for only $4.95

MP3s are song-files that we send by e-mail. You can save them on your hard drive, download them to an MP3 player or burn them to CDs. We’ll send a copy to you and to the recipient if you wish. Please click on the button below to order.  

Order your "Singing-Phonegram" on a CD, only $12.95 (including postage)

Your CD will include a colorful personalized label and makes a great gift. Please click on the button below to order.