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Frequent Questions

Can you handle weekend orders?
Yes, we can take and fill orders on weekends and holidays.  If we can't, there will be a notice on our website.

Can you handle "same day" orders?
Yes, but if our schedule is very heavy we might have to change the time slightly. 

Can I get a copy of my singing telegram song after you sing it?
Yes. After we sing a "Phonegram" we always send you an e-mail that allows you to order an mp3 or a CD of your song.  If you order a "Singing-E-mail", the sender and the recipient always get copies the of the song that they can hear and save.

I am having trouble ordering because when I add an item I keep seeing "Your shopping cart is empty".
Sometimes this happens if your Internet security is set too high.  Complete your order anyway and we'll contact you after we receive it if we need any information.

Do your telegrams use any musical accompaniment?
Yes, all of our singing telegrams feature vocals with great musical backing.

How many times do you try to reach the recipient when you make your "Singing Phonegram" calls?
Depending on how busy our schedule is, we usually try several times before we leave a message asking the recipient to call us back. If we still don’t hear from them, we leave it on their voice mail. (Some people prefer this as it gives the recipient a chance to hear it again!)

Can we choose the song or the style of music when we order a Singing Telegram?
Because of copyright restrictions, all of our songs are original but you can choose from a wide variety of musical styles when you order.  We offer Hip-Hop, Blues, Redneck, Doo-Wop and many more!

Is using my credit card safe when I order a Singing Telegram from your website?
Yes, very safe, because we use to process our payements.  They are one of the largest and most secure credit-card processors in the industry.  When you make your payment, your card info goes to them and they pay us. We never see your credit card information and your order is processed by computer systems encrypted to the same or higher levels than your bank. 

How does someone hear a "Singing-E-mail?
The recipient just has to click on a link in the e-mail we send them and their song starts to play.  They also receive easy instructions on how to save their song forever.

Can you send one of your singing telegrams at any hour of the day or night?
We send our "Phonegrams" between 10 am and 10 pm EST. However, "Singing E-mails" can be sent at any time.

How do I know that the recipient has received the telegram if I don't get a copy too?
If you send a "Singing-Email", you'll receive a copy of the song as soon as the recipient does.  If you send a "Singing-Phonegram", we'll send you an e-mail right after we sing it.

Do I have to write the lyrics to my song?
No. We write personalized lyrics based upon what you tell us on the order-form.

Can I write the lyrics if I wish?
No, as it would take us too much time to set your words to our music. However, you can give us the wording for any personalized narration you want us to include during the song.